rain drops on the glass table

Wet geometry

Today I love this warm rain, these grey skies, this balmy day. I love the quiet drumming of raindrops on the windows. I love the feeling of closeness that this day is offering, like being hugged by a cloud, held by the slightly moving air, having your heart touched by the feel of spring. I love my old recliner and the comfy way it feels. I love that it accepts every duty given it, takes upon itself the burden of supporting all who sit in it, allowing them to rest their spirit and soul while it upholds their body. I love that it is in the perfect place, facing the fireplace, with the TV and the patio door both in view, giving anyone the option of choosing what solace they need most at the time of their meditations. I love this house, this home, and I love that it has accepted me and continues to make me comfortable. I love that it has provided so much for me so far in these few months, storage, shelter, destination, point of departure, site of refuge. I love that I feel at home on this street, that there is a checker-board of urban footprints in one direction and wooded trails of potential wildlife in the other direction. I love that we have seen deer within three blocks of here, as well as dogs, rabbits, cats, and many different birds. I love that I have found the intrinsic differences that make this as good as my last home and maybe a little bit better.

Today I love that this is Saturday and despite it being a long weekend, it included the Farmers’ Market and our usual shopping for eggs and bread and meat and vegetables. I love that breakfast at the market is such a wonderful tradition that everyone should experience at some time in their life and should even make a habit of. I love that last Saturday seemed not to be really Saturday because we were out of town and missed the market. I love that because yesterday was a day off it felt like Saturday and was running the risk of messing up the whole weekend but then along comes the market and firmly anchors the real Saturday in our hearts and minds as being what it is and thus saves the weekend from confusion and misdirection.

Today I love good books. I love the smell of wet earth. I love people making me laugh on purpose. I love that Easter dinner was good and is now done. I love that we are now in the leftovers portion of the weekend. Because, “Mmmmm, leftovers.”

Today I love coffee in the breakfast nook watching the raindrops make geometric patterns on the patio table.