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Today I Love This Messy Kitchen

cluttered kitchen
The mess speaks of fun …

Today I love this messy kitchen because that means we spent the weekend, and Monday, doing good and fun things for ourselves. I love that I can leave the kitchen for a day or two and not feel guilty. I love that I actually enjoy cleaning more when that has happened, even though it’s a bigger mess and takes longer to put to rights. And since I love cleaning up after a good weekend, the longer it takes, the better I love it. Ha. I love that we ate well, did all the regular weekend things, and squeezed Easter in there also. I love that I hid a bunch of Easter eggs around the house, and now that they’ve all been found (I think), I may just hide them all again in different places, just for fun. I love the sun shining in intently through all the East facing windows. And though it’s below freezing at the moment, I love going outside to see where the sun has driven back the frost into shadow, to see the chives standing proudly in the Chive Kingdom they have diligently expanded onto the walkway, and to find the little wild flowers that don’t care about the cold so much, so long as there’s no snow to hide their regal colors.

Today I love that there are plans for barbecuing this week, plans for birthday parties this weekend, plans for road trips in more than one direction, and plans for making the house more clutter free. I love that two days ago we didn’t need any groceries and now we need all the groceries, because that means that we are alive and well, and that I get to go to the grocery store, and grocery shopping is the one kind of shopping I always enjoy. I love that on Sunday we were at a great open mic hosted by my good friend Kailey and that afterwards we went to a restaurant that specializes in pierogies, thirteen different kinds, and there we ran into open mic friends and joined them for late lunch/early supper.

Today I love brulĂ© oatmeal with cinnamon, apple, raisins, and honey in it. I love pictures from the past. I love that the Facebook should me a video from four years ago where my friends Dylan and Lauren performed at a house concert in my home and the video was of them performing a song I wrote that later made it onto their last CD. I love finding things I’d forgotten about among the things I packed and moved.

Today I love coffee in the messy cluttered kitchen, thinking dreamily of the weekend past … before I clean it up so we can do it all again. Yes!

Today I Love This Messy Kitchen

Kelly Babcock

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