grey Monday morning

Morning matches mind

Today I love this blurry brain of mine and the way it still works but seems to leave me out of what it’s doing until I need to know. I love that even though I slept really poorly last night, and even though I seem to be spacing out a lot of the time, my brain keeps giving me a virtual shake every time it notices something wrong that needs to be fixed or something that could be done better. I love the way my mind seems to be just coasting and resting most of the time right now and that after I’m done writing my columns this morning I’ll be moving on to the things that I had planned on doing, even though they may need more consciousness than I can provide today. I love that the greyness of the day matches my numbness of mind, that the warmth of the day is very comforting and that the slowness of the day matches my feelings of laziness. I love when I match my day with my mood and my abilities.

Today I also love that the day is grey out because if it were sunny and bright I’d be wanting to be out there working on the yard and I have so much to do before Easter weekend that I can’t afford that kind of distraction. I love that my day’s plans are diverse and that should help keep me on track. I love that I have laundry on the go, even though that never ends. I love that I used to grumble about doing dishes but now I contemplate what great things I ate that made the dishes dirty and what great things they can be used for once they are clean again. I love that there is a shiny and bright side to almost everything, even dirty dishes.

Today I love clean socks. I love clementine oranges. I love boxes full of treasured things. I love finding old books and deciding to read them again. I love that as tired as I am I still put in an hour on the track. I love children in audiences that ask the hard questions, like “Is that it?” when the tech fails and only five bars of the intro play followed by silence. I love that my choir was able to muster enough souls to populate the middle of the stage for a quick couple of songs in the variety fund raiser show at and for the Harmony Centre.

Today I love coffee on a dull grey Monday morning that matches my mind.