fish ladder

Fish ladders open

Today I love the spring and all its changing ways. I love the way people are so quick to believe that summer is here, when in reality we could still get some snow. I love that it doesn’t look like snow today and is actually quite summery and warm. I love that I drove through silvery fog to get here to my satellite office today. I love how beautiful trees look when back lit by the sun and their silhouettes are glimpsed through shrouds of muslin fog. I love the views from hill tops that show the fog for what it is, clouds too lazy to get up out of bed and fly, so they stay on the ground until the sun can burn them away. I love the bay when it wears its cloak of fog with the soft white collar pulled up tight and close to its shores with just a strip of water showing at the edge. I love the many moods that fog can have, from glamorous and exotic to brooding and heavy. I love foggy days and their magic spells that can change your mood no matter what that mood was, with just a random wisp that has to be passed through.

Today I love that last night I got to sign a few books at the library where several members of my writers group were giving a talk on publishing and our anthology was for sale and folks actually wanted us to sign copies of it. I love that people recognized me there and talked to me and introduced themselves. I love that this morning at the café the counter person recognized me from a music performance at an open mic three weeks ago. I love being recognized even though I usually feel bad for not remembering the people who remember me. I love when people remember my words or my music, because I write it to communicate with people and if they remember it then I was successful. I love persistent people who move forward even when others lay the burden of displeasure on them. I love people who continue to work on what they want even when someone has made that desire seem less. I love people who champion love over dislike and I will stand beside the champion of love every time.

Today I love shredded Brussels Sprouts and onion in the omelette du jour I had for second breakfast. I love that the wild turkeys are getting bold. I love that the fish ladder in  the town I’m in today has been opened up so that the spawning fish can get up over the dam.

Today I love coffee by the fish ladder on a sunny day, just like today.