sunlight on fireplace

Spring morning light

Today I love the spring sunlight streaming in to the living room and making lights unnecessary.  I love the early morning as the days get longer. I love that the light has so much warmth in it, passing, as it does, through less atmosphere to get to me when the earth tilts its northern hemisphere towards the benevolent face of Sol. I love people who realize that you cannot stop your research just because you’ve found evidence that supports your theory, people who know that you have to exhaust the possibility that the evidence you’ve found could be proven false. I love people who seek knowledge because there is more to be had, and not because they are trying to prove they are right. I love that the world is neither flat nor round, but is actually kind of pot bellied and more than a little wobbly, which goes a long way toward explaining us.

Today I love that yesterday I was recognized forty kilometers from home as “The musician from The Carrot” because of the open mic I host at The Bleeding Carrot every Friday. I love that the open mic has become an institution now and that it has been over two years that I’ve been hosting it. I love that the deck looks so inviting with that lazy old recliner out there and that thinking about getting all my stuff done today and crashing in it is the one thing that’s keeping me going on all the stuff I need to do. I love that I am allowing myself to grow up, just a little bit, and maybe just for this weekend. I love that there are so many potentially good things in the near future that we may do or get to see.

Today I love making stuffing. I love going in to a room and making changes that make it look seriously organized, even though I know where all the ghosts and skeletons are hiding. I love having my hair braided and will miss that a lot if I get my head shaved this year. I love that golfing season is coming up. I love that I am in late spring shape in the middle of spring. I love that I intend to try to fire up the motorcycle this weekend. I love the thought of the open road on two wheels.

Today I love coffee in the streaming spring sun lit living room.