coffee, washer

Coffee and clean laundry …

Today I love the sound of laundry in the machines, reminding me that things keep going, the world keeps turning, and life goes on. I love that washday brings back memories from childhood, though laundry day has changed a lot since then. I love remembering my grandma and her old wringer washer and how we were explicitly told to stay back from it for fear it would get hold of us and actually “put us through the wringer.” (Yes, that’s where that saying came from!) I love that these days I can put a load in the machine and just walk away, never having to tend to its next cycle and only having to shift the load from the washer to the dryer. I love that there is a plan to put up a clothes line here at the hacienda, and I love the smell of laundry that has dried outside. I love that we live in the heart of cottage country and that, although we have been looking for a cottage, we’re going to probably take a break from that and just pretend we’re at the cottage for some of the summer. I love that we have so many things on the go this season and that we don’t want to miss out on the spare time we have to spend by using it to search for a place to spend that spare time.

Today I love that tonight my writer peeps and I will be at the Library where some of us will be talking about the thrills, chills and spills that can occur when one is publishing. I love that our library is such a progressive place. I love that it offers so much, including streaming of media without me even having to go to the library to access it. I love that the library is a comfortable place to write and when I feel like I have no place else to go, there it is. I love that it is like having a box of treasure that is kept for me, that I can share that treasure with everyone else, and that the jewels of our library are everything found there from books and movies through computers and the building itself to the shining, happy people who staff the place. I love that our library welcomes writers as well as readers in such a warm and wonderfully friendly way.

Today I love music practice. I love the robins singing the day awake at five AM. I love that the willows are glowing gold in the distance and are about to explode in leaf. I love that some shrubs are already leafing out. I love that Spring’s cloak of glory that she has swung into the air is settling on her shoulders and falling to trail on the ground and cover the ravages of winters fallowing.

Today I love sipping coffee while listening to the sounds of the washer happily churning the dirt out of all the textiles.