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Today I Love The Morning Sun Bouncing

Glass mountains

Today I love the morning sun bouncing off all of the towers in this city of glass mountains and concrete valleys. I love that I felt more at home here yesterday than I thought I would. I love that I adventured most of the day even though the plan was to write. I love that in the bustling and busy light of yesterdays chilly greyness I knew that there was too much going on in this city for me to sit still and write and I knew that when it took me way too long to write two blog posts yesterday morning. I love that my adventures took me to Kensington Market and to China Town and to the amazing PATH underground city experience that allows a person to travel for blocks on foot without having to go outside. I love how amazed I am at the experience of walking from one building to another under the streets of the city just like in so many future utopian sci-fi stories I’ve read. I love that PATH is calling me again today and I may try to see how much I can walk without leaving the catacombs, though the day is supposed to be warmer and I do want to see the sun.

Today I love that we were out with new-to-me friends for dinner last night and they were wonderful and dinner was also. I love that we walked from the hotel to the restaurant and then walked back with detours to city hall and Nathan Phillips Square. I love the mix of old buildings and new buildings and though the styles of architecture don’t span quite as many years, I imagine this eclectic mix might rival Vienna’s Ringstrasse for variation. I love that these buildings are organic in that they were mostly built to match the time of their construction, rather than being built as homages or tributes to other times and styles, so in that way this city is more genuine.

Today I love late breakfast out. I love that I may go to Kensington Market again because I am missing my own market back home. I love that my cra-cra phone wants me to get to a cross street to pull a U-turn when it thinks I’ve gone too far … even when it knows I’m walking!!! I love that my phone will talk to me from my pocket to tell me where I am. I love that I am just a few blocks from wild and crazy Yonge Street and we even crossed it last night on our way to the restaurant.

Today I love my morning coffee amid the scattered beams of morning sun as they bounce and reflect off of the glass mountains.

Today I Love The Morning Sun Bouncing

Kelly Babcock

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