leaves on tree

Maple burst …

Today I love the awakening trees that are coming to life as the weather toys with wisps and whispers of where it has been and songs and shouts of where it is heading to. I love that yesterday the maple in the next yard over went from bare and barely budding to an explosion of green and grandeur. I love the golden glowing haze of willows in the distance as their first little leaves start to unfold from winters rest. I love that yesterday went up to 30 degrees (or 86 if you live in Fahrenheit land) and today will be warm too, but the weekend is going to be cold and damp, and this is what Spring is and does. I love that I might take a spin on my bike today if I get everything else done in time before the open mic at four this afternoon. I love that there will always be some sweet music and art events in this little city and that summer ones are always so wonderful. I love that in the summer one can often wander in out of the weather and be as comfortable inside as they were outside without having to modify their attire.¬† I love the smell of “outdoors” on the inside when the windows have been opened and the air has been exchanged.

Today I love people who know that others can make them happy when they too are happy. I love people who know that doesn’t make those others responsible for their happiness or unhappiness. I love people who choose to be adults and accept their unhappiness as their own burden and don’t place it on the ones whose actions¬† or choices displeased them. But I especially love people who choose to celebrate other people’s choices to be happy in spite of their own feelings, they are truly worth loving.

Today I love discount apple caramel cinnamon buns. I love that I am being challenged by what seem to be forces beyond my comprehension as I attempt to buy a new computer and each time I do my order is cancelled, even though I have ordered it from different places, it’s like there is some kind of conspiracy going on and my mind is coming up with all kinds of possible story lines. I love that the garden is growing in our minds even faster than it is growing in real life. I love that every now and then I still get an urge to go for a bicycle ride to the store for a pop and a chocolate bar, and I even find myself beginning to calculate when my next allowance is.

Today I love coffee in the shade of the ‘sploding maple leaves.