In the satellite office again …

Today I love sleeping late, starting slow, moving steadily forward and picking up speed as I go. I love the gentle rain that tells me the day is in step with me and my pace today. I love that I am almost up to speed now. I love that I’m mixing it up, I’m doing things slightly out of order, getting it all done but differently from how I usually get things done on a Wednesday. I love that the important things are the same, I am in the satellite office, drinking satellite coffee and working away on my computer for the various entities I need to work for today. I love that there is work enough for today and potentially more on the way, with new clients and repeat clients and long term contract jobs, so my time will be occupied for the day. I love that the plan is to go to my favorite Asian fusion restaurant for lunch today, and if that falls through there is a microwave, safety lunch that is good enough to make me wish I had two appetites to satiate. I love that my days are often an embarrassment of wealth of opportunity, and I am not apologizing for that.

Today I love that old motorcycle starting up on last year’s plugs and running as smooth as tattered silk when it got accustomed to life again. I love that there are new plugs in the tool box and they’ll be going in by the end of the week. I love that the old thing “runs like a top” as they say, and though its carburetors are still a little coated in resin, its acceleration is acceptable for it still being in its first hour of operation for this year. I love that the battery survived the winter even though I couldn’t find my trickle-charger until just this week. I love that the road is now calling me to come see what I’ve been missing by riding around “inside” a truck.

Today I love cabbage, onion, bacon, omelette sandwiches. I love that the temperature will be in double digits for us (that’s Celsius) which would be over fifty for those who measure warmth in Fahrenheit. I love lawns bursting boldly forth in the tiny brave flowers that the hunters with roundup would try to eradicate. I love the biodiversity of a natural lawn, I love seeing lawns that look like meadows, and maybe we’ll let the backyard do that for a little while this year, just to let the bees know we care. I love appearing like I’m going against the grain.

Today I love satellite coffee in the satellite office.