Favorite café

Sitting still and moving forward …

Today I love sitting still and contemplating how far I’ve come in my life. I love that, no matter how long I’ve lived, my life seems short so far. I love how I feel like I’ve packed my time full of good, even though there were long stretches of it where I did not move forward or make progress or engage in adventure. I love that this is my life. I love that I cannot make it good or bad, but I can perceive it to be good or bad and I choose good. I love that the choices I make are almost always the ones that will give me the best chance of doing the best I can for myself and those around me. I love that even when things don’t work out the best, I can always say that I tried. I love that I know that success isn’t guaranteed, but without effort, failure is assured, and I try to live according to that. I love that today I feel like I am going to have a great day and so I am putting in the effort to make that happen. I love finding ways to think about life that makes me see it in a better light. I love that I make the effort to find the positivity in my life and that even though the negativity can really wear me down, I eventually find my way around it.

Today I love that there is a big dinner out tonight and it’s being organized by my friend May, and that it will be an educational event as it is to be a dinner of traditional Chinese cuisine, including steamed fish. I love that some of my friends will be there. I love that tomorrow night we’re out for Indian food, and that on Friday we’re having company for an early Easter dinner. I love that life just keeps percolating along and all you have to do is stand in its path and it will sweep you along with it.

Today I love that I forgot to turn off my phones tracking feature when I finished walking at the rec centre, and now it thinks I walked more than thirty miles in less than forty minutes. I love that both breakfasts were good today, that I actually did walk over four kilometres even though I started late and finished early. I love that I have so much to do but that it all will take its turn and behave.

Today I love coffee at my fav café while doing my fav job, sitting still, contemplating, and writing.