coffee, sunny seat

Coffee in the sun

Today I love quiet souls that seek solace in a steady determined way, certain that success will be achieved through perseverance. I love the ones who know that they need to take their time and find the peace of mind and heart that need before they proceed with the big things in life. I love that they are the ones that can be counted on to eventually know their way with surety because they have weighed the present against the past and the future and know where they’ve been and where they are and have a good idea of where they are going to. I love the souls who stand their ground, the ones who know that maturity is a choice you needn’t always make, the ones who know when to stand and be counted and when to sit and laugh at themselves and the world around them. I love the souls that know that they are loved and needed and therefore that it is okay to love and to need other souls in their lives. I love the souls that seem old and at the same time seem playful. I love the souls that guard their fellow souls and keep them safe.

Today I love this beautiful sunny day and the trip we took up the peninsula looking at all the beauty there. I love that there is so much happening up there and it is so early in the season that I imagine that this year is going to be amazingly busy. I love that my home area is the most wonderful wilderness playground I have ever seen, that there are trails and caves and lakes and bays and parks and beaches everywhere and they are all amazing and beautiful. I love that everywhere I go up there I find a piece of my past lying waiting for me to pick up with my memory, turn over and admire, reacquaint myself with and then say adieu to again as I move on to another piece.

Today I love this glorious sunny day. I love the potential for a beautiful sunset. I love eating in restaurants because menus have so many choices. I love driving other people’s cars for them when they just want to ride. I love that so many of my friends know me well enough that I don’t surprise them when I come out of left field with some thought or plan or scheme or comment.

Today I love coffee in the sunlight.