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Today I Love Lazy Sunday Starts

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Staying in

Today I love lazy Sunday starts that just ease me into the day and take me to where I need to be to get done what needs doing. I love that though I’m moving slowly, the summer tires are inside the car, ready to be swapped for those noisy old winter ones tomorrow. I love that I’ve had breakfast and it was oatmeal and it was good. I love that I’m in my favorite chair doing my favorite job writing all the words that make this and other articles, columns, stories, and blog posts exist. I love that I also have some work to do on our local online magazine and that there are people who seem to love that paper so much. I love communicating so much that even silly spontaneous Facebook status updates are a way to get my love on. I love that even I consider some of the things I say to be a little too out there, and that’s just among the ones that I post. I love that the day is coming down slowly in cold drops of rain and that the warmth of fireplaces and sweaters and favorite blankets can be experienced and enjoyed on days like this.

Today I love that tonight is the final practice for our Rock The Sound Choir before our shows on Thursday and Friday. I love that choir so much, and I love the people I sing with there. I love that anyone is welcome to join, regardless of ability, and that everyone has so much fun at it. I love that our passion and not our talent carries us through. I also love that the talent that shines through because we are supporting each other is absolutely, staggeringly amazing. I love that every season I feel like it takes so long to get ready for a show and yet every season when the show has come and gone it feels like it ended way to soon.

Today I love that the barbecue survived the winter. I love barbecued mangoes. I love that we pulled up all the chives growing in the path, that they are ready to be chopped up and stored, and that there are still lots more of them in the bed that they belong in. I love the robins singing even in the rain. I love the dark and moody feel of this day as it tries to shake our belief in the coming summer. I love that it is like a child in a bad mood having tantrums but that it will soon enough have to go to bed and tomorrow will be another day.

Today I love coffee in the living room while the day goes down cold and wet out there.

Today I Love Lazy Sunday Starts

Kelly Babcock

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