Mmmmmm, homemade soup

Today I love homemade soup with everything that I can find in the fridge thrown in to it. I love the smell of good things simmering on the stove on sunny Saturday afternoons. I love that my friend May has successfully launched her “Home In A Distant Land” exhibit at our museum and that she’ll be writing articles for us to publish at the Owen Sound Hub soon. I love how diverse our community is and yet how interconnected we all are. I love learning new things about my community and its people and interesting things about their cultures. I love walking through the streets of my little city and knowing I will eventually meet someone I know that has their own story that makes me smile. I love that it rarely takes more than a block of walking for that to happen. I love that the Farmers’ Market and the library and the downtown core were all on our route today, that we got our regular great breakfast and some food and some seeds and took care of some banking.

Today I love looking forward to next weekend’s adventure in the big city, which I am planning on treating as a writer’s retreat, if I can manage to put my head down while surrounded by an exciting cityscape that belongs to me by right of it being my birth city, yet is completely foreign to me at the same time. I love that there are plans to visit another T & T grocery store and other things as well. I love that I know I will be drawn to certain things, yet I will also be awed by a variation of my culture that is not strange but is also not familiar to me. I love that I am excited about this trip, even though I’m just tagging along as deadwood. I love that I will be the weird geek tourist staring open mouthed at the most normal of things to be seen.

Today I love that I am on my way in just a few minutes to put the office to rights and straighten out the mess that is in there that came about from me moving here. I love that when I am done that room should be as good as a spare room as it is as an office, and that it will be much improved at being either of those things.

Today I love coffee in the kitchen as I smell the warm and inviting aroma of homemade soup.