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Third breakfast?

Today I love here and now because when you get right down to the grit of this life thing, all we have is now and all we can do is spend it here in this moment. I love that my friend, Cai, is here in my world, even though we’ve never met, and that she is grateful for what she has now. I love that I find myself looking for the good in the worst of situations because I’ve been made aware that there is always good lurking in the shadows, like some prankster waiting for you to notice them, and if you don’t then they’re waiting for just the right time to jump out at you and surprise you with how amazing things can be if you just look for the treasures in life. I love that today is a brilliant sunny day so far. I love that yesterday was wet and rainy and as I sat out on the front porch I suddenly realized that the rain I was watching was honest-to-goodness April showers. I love that that made me settle back down in my chair for a few more minutes so I could appreciate the moment a little longer.

Today I love that I’ve walked over 6500 steps already and it’s not 9AM yet. I love that I am feeling tired, but not sleep deprived and sludge-headed. I love how much yoga helps me with the stiffness in my shoulder and my neck and I love that as near as I can tell, it helps with the rest of my body, making it less susceptible to strain pain. I love the coming season of outdoor fun, the chances to get into the water, go hiking on trails, smell the woods and listen to the waves and the birds and the wind. I love that yesterday, even though it had not been dry before, there was a distinct smell of petrichor in the air when I went to get the mail in the rain.

Today I love the fog I drove through this morning along the shore of the great bay that I live on. I love the way the morning sun lit it up like a frosted light that had the world inside of it. I love that a woman wearing a coat that matched the stroller she was pushing just walked by the cafĂ© and the coat and stroller were a cheerful shade of orange caramel. I love that there is no end of good things to eat here and I may give in today at some point and eat one of them, even though I’ve already had first and second breakfast.

Today I love coffee with third breakfast, maybe.