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Today I Love Fumbling Fridays

Fridays …. ffffft!

Today I love fumbling Fridays and how they just still are great, even when they can’t run smoothly and seem like they just don’t want to. I love that some Fridays (and there’s no need to draw undue attention to today by naming it specifically) just don’t have their stuff together well enough to even get to the coffee maker. I love Fridays that seem to know that they’re just not going to succeed and so they blunder along, resting on the panache of being the last day of the work week for most and knowing they’ll be forgiven almost any transgression just because of that. I love that I intend to make today fall in line yet and I plan to use it to get more than a few things done. I love that there is a list of those things … somewhere … and once I find it and stroke “find list” off that list, I plan on giving it a thorough going over and getting all the things cleared off of it. I love that by the end of this day there will be happiness over its having existed because I will make it worth while. I love that I have a go-get-em attitude today. I love that today I’m saying “stand back, this could get messy!”

Today I love that the weather is supposed to go from here in this place of grey and cool and damp, and get so much better that by tomorrow we’ll all be raring to get out and soak up some outdoor ambiance. I love that this afternoon, if the outdoor ambiance hasn’t managed to become appealing, we’ll have some indoor ambiance at the Bleeding Carrot’s Friday Afternoon Coffee House & Open Mic that is calculated to please. I love that, after missing the last two weeks because of holidays, I’m back and running the show, and I’ve missed it rather a lot.

Today I love squirrels that perch cheekily on fence posts and do nothing but balance perfectly while gusts of wind that could knock me over have no effect  on them whatsoever. I love leftover turkey soup from long weekend holidays. I love food that people cook with love. I love sharing comfort food. I love to see children riding bikes on our street, steering carefully and concentrating, but smiling so wide they almost don’t have enough face for how happy they are to be on a bicycle and in control.

Today I love coffee on this Friday morning while all the things get sorted and done and maybe that list will eventually get found.

Today I Love Fumbling Fridays

Kelly Babcock

I was born in the city of Toronto in 1959, but moved when I was in my fourth year of life. I was raised and educated in a rural setting, growing up in a manner I like to refer to as free range. I live in an area where my family history stretches back 6 or more generations. I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 50 and have been both struggling with the new reality and using my discoveries to make my life better. I write two blogs here at Psych Central, one about having ADHD and one that is a daily positive affirmation that acts as an example of finding the good in as much of my life as I possibly can.

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