travel mug

Mmmmm, market coffee

Today I love feeling all Saturday and weekendy. I love waking up early to the bird’s songs and the dawn’s light and the wispy remnants of dreams that I cannot recall but that have left me feeling good and happy. I love dragging out getting up for as long as I can even though I had an appointment this morning. I love Saturdays in my little city because of the noise and the people and friends out on the street and the market and the shops and the cafés and the sunny, joie de vie that pulses and throbs in every alley and along each street. I love the bright colors and the constant movement in this town and the way it seems to erupt and bloom at the market. I love that it is the weekend and a time to share conversation and activities and dreams and movies and music and food with everyone. I love that this town is such fertile ground for growing goodwill and bonhomme. I love that creativity seems to abound in my town, that it is on every corner and in every little café and bar, at gigs and open mics, in galleries and on restaurant walls and in shops and stores in every corner of this place.

Today I love that my new computer is on its way finally after me almost giving up on it. I love that my passport or my passport application rejection is also on its way, and that both it and the computer will arrive on Monday. I love that I am unsure as to which one I am more excited about, and that I’m not sure which one I’ll open and look at first. I love that part of my excitement about my passport is that I’ve never had one before and haven’t travelled since nine-eleven, and now I no longer have to decline opportunities to travel based on that lack. I love that part of my excitement about the new computer is that my first computer that had a hard drive in it had as much hard drive space as my new one has memory, 32 Gigs, and that my new computer has a solid state drive and I’m looking forward to experiencing that kind of speed.

Today I love my hair in a braid. I love socks that stay up. I love sunlight through windows when the air is cool outside. I love that time marches on and that means that Spring’s steady transition will soon bring us into summers warm embrace.

Today I love coffee from the market on this sweet, weekendy day.