“I see you …”

Today I love Easter dinner, because the point of holidays is being in communion with people, and dinner is one of the better ways to commune.

I love that holiday dinners are so often a group effort and today’s meal is no exception.

I love that my friend’s family is coming and she is very happy about that. I love that I spent yesterday cleaning and sorting and organizing this place so that it looks like home. I love that it is comfortable and friendly and a little bit quirky, just like a home should be.

I love that there is still too much clutter, but I’ve arranged a lot of the clutter artistically so it looks like it belongs. I love that some of the food is already made, some of it is planned, and some of it is en route. I love that before this day is over the whole meal will be a memory. I love that today has the potential to be great and we will all do what we can to fulfill that potential. I love that in this meal there are memories of my past, because I’m helping to cook, and I love to cook for people.

Today I love that last night we celebrated a friend’s birthday by going out for Indian food and I survived. I love that I have always loved hot and spicy food and that recently I have been able to tolerate it better. I know not why.

I love that the birthday boy is passionate about his food and that Indian food is one of his passions and that he may have organized the whole meal on a spreadsheet complete with macro calculators that determined each participants share of the cost and the tip, and that that seemed to make him pretty happy.

Today I love oatmeal with blueberries, mangoes, strawberries, and peaches. I love the sweet warmth of the sun as it shines through the windows facing the inviting-looking back yard. I love that many lawns are a sea of little white and blue flowers that have been waiting for this very time to explode into the world and be seen. And I love getting to say to them, “Namaste, I see you little flowers.”

I love that this world is so often just waiting for us to see it, to realize and to remember, to accept and to enjoy, and to love.

Today, I love coffee, here in the world of light and love. Namaste.