Rabbit at rest ….

Today I love coffee in bed while the rain plays a tattoo on the roof and the clouds drift by in various shades of dark grey and charcoal. I love the feeling I get when it rains and I am being still, that this is where I am supposed to be at this time. I love that only a few years ago I realized that there is no time to waste lamenting what has happened, it’s okay to feel bad, but wasting time is never going to make it better and actively bemoaning bad luck is a waste of time. I love that at that time I started telling myself, “We start from here. We move forward. All of us. Now.” … and I have worked hard at doing just that. I love looking back on all the things I’ve done that brought me happiness and joy, all the people I’ve known, the friends I’ve made and loved, and I love knowing that they are all coming with me in my heart. Come with me, we start from here, we move forward, all of us, now.

Today I love that there is music to be performed at the open mic at The Barn, and I’m thinking I’ll just head on over there and do that with all the other peeps that know how to have a good time. I love that if I do that, it’s like doing an open mic to make up for my regular one that I missed because of the holiday. I love the musical community of this area, that we all know each other or know of each other and that we all seem so supportive of each other’s endeavours. I love that it’s a law that lovers in passing are supposed to kiss if no one is watching them, and if it isn’t a law then it really should be. I love that if others are watching then it is at their discretion whether or not they should practice kiss.

Today I love that there was a rabbit in the back yard who looked exhausted, like he’d maybe been up all night hiding eggs and chocolate. I love that I hid eggs and they were all found … I think, should have counted them, eh? I love that my diet lately has been covering more geography than I likely ever will. I love that, after eating donuts from the grocery store in Wiarton, I am covered in flakes of sugar glaze, and that makes me a sweet guy.

Today I love coffee in the nook, while watching the bunny out back as he rests up and nibbles on clover.