cake, coffee

Cake and coffee

Today I love children’s joyous approach to life, the way they see what they want and diligently work towards that. I love the joy in a child’s laughter. I love seeing children with their families, getting and giving joy, laughing and squealing as they push their borders and experience their own adventures. I love being as joyous as a child when I approach adventures. I love when we hit the road early in the morning and find our way to a new adventure that we’ve been looking forward to. I love gathering with people who are wanting to share good times and happiness. I love that I have fun because I’m happy, I’m not trying to have fun to be happy. I love that I cannot be hurt by other people’s opinions of me, but I can be hurt by having negative opinions of other people so I refuse to allow me to hurt myself that way. I love that I can tolerate anyone who means no harm to others.

Today I love that tonight is our last choir practice before dress rehearsal and in two weeks we’ll be Rocking the Sound in the Harmony Centre and I’m looking forward to that so much that I’m considering learning some of the words to the songs we are performing. I love that choir is something that brings so many people together, that everyone who sticks to it seems to do so because of the joy that it brings them. I love that Summer without choir will be a little lonely, but I’ll see so many of the choristers in so many places in our little city and we will all start again next fall. I love that the choir is one of the things that makes our city so special. I love how musical our city is, and I love that I am part of that.

Today I love that cutting vegetables brings some people so much joy. I love that food is common ground for so many people and that they can often find their way together by deciding to eat together. I love that, although people should not need a reason to gather, they often find reasons to do so. I love that some people find joy in making others laugh, and I love that some people find joy in laughing at the things that others do to make them laugh.

Today I love coffee on the road on my way to gathering with people for food.