damp back yard

Coming soon, coffee and fine weather

Today I love change and how it always seems like the same old thing after it has drifted into the past. I love that when it rains I no longer worry about the sump pump system because I no longer have a basement. And I love that that just seems to be the norm now, all that storage space gone but not having to worry about taking care of that space. I love that changes happen or are made to happen, and either type can be good if you know what to look for in them. I love that today my visage will change when I go to the dentist, unless there is another setback with the implant. I love that if there isn’t, I’ll have no missing tooth in my smile, and if there is, I won’t have that weird feeling of “What’s that thing sticking out of my gum where there used to be a gap in my front teeth?” at the end of the day. I love that this coming weekend is another adventure weekend.

Today I love that my car guy is going to do some research for me tomorrow and there may be a car in my near future. I love that I have not shopped for a car or truck or van in a couple of decades and I also haven’t had a dud car or truck or van in as long. I love that in the last couple of decades I’ve owned cars, trucks, and vans. I love that next week I might get the motorcycle out, especially if it’s going to be as warm as they say it is going to be. I love that I have no idea where my helmet is hiding, ’cause that makes me laugh; I’ve never not known where my helmet is since I was thirteen.

Today I love this dark and damp day that is supposed to be dismal and getting colder as it progresses round the clock. I love how moody it seems to be. I love that even though it is supposed to be like this or worse for the next 36 hours, we’re going to go exploring our world again. I love finding new-to-me places to visit or taking other people to my haunts to show them places they’ve never been before. I love exploring and I love that even when I go places I’ve been before, there is always something new to see or discover.

Today I love coffee by the window overlooking the moody backyard compound and contemplating how lovely it soon will be to sit out there … and have coffee.