Looking for another one like this …

Today I love being recharged and ready to get things done again. I love my day of activities because, if things go well (and there’s no reason yet to suppose that they won’t) then there will be successes at the end of this day to look back on and feel good about. There will be a bit more room in the garage, there will be a few less things in there to worry about and deal with, and there will be several important errands completed that need to be done and done soon. I love that last week my passport application went to the authorities and if we all keep our fingers crossed they may accept my decrepit old birth certificate as being real, (it really is real, just very frayed at the edges, I’ve had it since the seventies, kids) and then they may issue me my first ever passport in time for me to take a domestic flight to another part of my own country for which I should not need a passport for anyway, but every little bit helps I’m told. I love that these adventures I’m considering are worth all the headaches of convincing people that I’m just the home-grown bumpkin I seem to be. I love that when I’m a tourist I am that tourist that stands and stares with his mouth hanging open.

Today I love that I am on the job and doing things that need doing. I love that I’m going to go shake the tree at the Canadian Tire store to find out where my new bathroom faucet is and why it’s taking them so long to get it to me. I love that I am also off to do some banking that is overdue and that the overdue banking is not a late payment or anything bad. I love that I will be wandering around in a grocery store for one of my errands and that always cheers me, even when I am already happy.

Today I love poached pears in honey syrup with anise, cloves and cinnamon because ohemgee are they ever delicious. I love that we cooked enough food to feed twenty people over the weekend and that should last us at least six to eight days. I love that I used to own a small chest freezer and I left it to the new owners of my house and now I miss it terribly so I now appreciate it more than I did and it deserves that appreciation. I love that I’m also glad I left it behind because I think a newer, smaller, more efficient one would be a much better thing to have.

Today I love coffee on the go while I do my running around town and shaking trees to see what faucet might fall out.