bare feet, grass

Tickles the toes …

Today I love bare feet on grass, planning lunch on the deck, waiting for the afternoon rain to make everything smell wonderfully riparian, feeling like I’m in the moment of spring because so often I miss it when I am this busy. I love that it is 70 outside (21 in Canadian) and that the sun is supposed to shine all morning. I love that the yard is angled and that the fence that faces north actually gets sunlight all morning long, nice transition through lunch and then that sweet, sweet rain by two. I love that I love all the different weather so much that there’s no such thing as a bad day for me. Bring on the morning’s storm of sunlight and the afternoon’s storm of drizzle, I can take it all. I love that my friend Caitlin finds love in alliteration when she’s describing seizures and their prominence in her world. I love how tough she is. I love that this is such a brilliantly lively time of year, when things are becoming warmly welcoming. I love how easily we slip into making plans to do things outdoors where only weeks ago such plans were adventures of survival and we would charge ourselves up to partake of them.

Today I love that I am planning to acquire a new computer and I love that I seem to have decided to go way over the top and get one that features madly advanced options that will make it wickedly fast and hopefully I will not need to upgrade for some time. I love that I am doing this while the current system I use is still viable and can be set up on my desk for the more routine tasks that my oldest system is now finding very difficult to perform without driving me batty from having to wait on it for … like … eeeverrrrr!!!

Today I love sleeping with the window open. I love seeing what is coming up in this yard for the first time. I love that weather like today makes me want to plant things outdoors, even though I know we are not likely done with frost. I love that I paid the balance of credit available on my credit card instead of the balance owing and now the credit card company owes me big time. Ha ha ha. I love the calling of the mourning doves and the cheerful gibberish of the robins. I love the sweet notes the killdeer makes when it is trying to tell you there is something far more exciting than its nest but you have to follow it this way and oh look by the way it might be me and I have a broken wing so you’ll likely be able to catch me I’m sure ….

Today I love coffee, out in the backyard, barefoot, in the grass.