Crisp white linen lawn …

Today I love winter’s soft kiss of farewell, her pretty blanket of crisp white linen over every flat surface, her beads and baubles hung on branch and wire, her soft, sweetly perfumed air of warming temps and her last invitation to come play and make snow people in the yard. I love the rumbling sense of the coming of Spring that thunders quietly in country field and city street alike. I love this time of year, time for planning gardens and camp-outs and cook-outs and beach visits and walks in shirt sleeves & shorts & sandals. I love that I could not stand to wear my winter boots any longer and yesterday went out in my running shoes. I love that today, at a local shoe store on main street, I bought new spring boots that are made for spring and fall and even light winter weather.

Today I love that I have initiated inquiries into acquiring my next vehicle. I love that I’m ninety-eight percent sure I know what vehicle I’m going to get and one hundred percent sure I’ll have remorse for some reason or another once I buy it because that’s the way I’m wired, but I intend to enjoy it anyway. I love that I put $127 worth of gas into my old truck yesterday and that I posted that it cost me $130 to fuel up back in January and people were saying my truck was burning too much fuel but I haven’t bought any gas since that time, until yesterday. I love that I am still going to try to keep the truck on the road until after Summerfolk is built and torn down. I love that I am already missing that old truck and it isn’t even gone yet. I love that old truck.

Today I love that it is Saturday and we made it to the market after sleeping in a bit. I love that a local shoe repair shop on main street is going to look at my guitar case to see if they can fix or replace the handle for me since it broke sometime in the last week. I love that I have found such great support for my daily life on main street and that it is so much classier a way to find and acquire what you want and need than to be sluiced along the pulsing aisles of big box stores. I love that between online and downtown, I haven’t gone into a big box store for anything other than building materials in quite a long time, and even the building supply stores I frequent are usually the smaller ones. I love seeing people finding friendship and companionship with each other that makes them happy.

Today I love coffee before heading out into the clean white linen yard to build snowpeople.