canted snowperson

The last companion of winter

Today I love this dark, sweet, first day of spring. I love that, as if on cue, the back yard has a rabbit on the lawn and a robin on the fence post calling its song of intended love in robin words of robin poetry. I love that there is what may well prove to be the last snowperson of the winter, still standing on our front yard, though looking chancy and having a precarious lean to the north east. I love that it remains despite the loss of its companion who is reclining in snowperson repose, three segmented sections of different sized snowballs resting where they fell victim to the early warning warmth that Spring sent to take the chill from Winter’s last days. I love the brown promise of green life that the lawn is making, decreeing that it will come forward and dress springs skirts in seasonal color before too very long. I love that the mourning doves continue to call and search for ease to their pains that they so plainly suffer, else why call so sadly to me? I love that this first day of spring is finally here, just as the revellers are recovering from their celebrations of St. Patrick. I love this auspicious time.

Today I love that it is Monday and the week begins fresh and new. I love that the gym was still bustling even though the New Year’s Resolutions have long since been abandoned. I love that my phone offered to track my mileage for me, then complained that it couldn’t get a GPS signal on the track, then determined that I was wandering around within a three block radius of the rec centre and calculated that I had walked about four of the six plus kilometres I know I walked. Silly phone. But at least it now knows how many steps I walked and is applauding my efforts at having achieved ninety percent of my target steps for today and it’s just after nine in the morning. I got this!

Today I love oatmeal for first breakfast. I love bacon, eggs and toast made from things that came from our farmers’ market for second breakfast. I love that plans have been made and plans have been executed and more plans are being made every day. I love that I am succeeding in the one thing I have decided is the most important thing in life, the search for adventure in life. I love that everyday is now an adventure. I love rockets candies. I love toast with strawberry jam.

Today I love coffee on the front porch keeping the last snowperson of last winter company as it slowly melts into the ground.