stone path, snowy lawn

Dainty spring snow …

Today I love this dainty snow of spring and the way it did not turn to freezing rain as its potential to do so was predicted. I love that I have lots to do today including helping my doctor try to figure out what is up with these crazy lungs of mine. I love that one of these winters we are going to get to the bottom of this thing and there will be a sudden epiphany and then the whole thing will be understood and managed if not rectified. I love that the weirdest thing about my lungs is that they work wonderfully well under physical duress like walking or singing with passion, but they will often let me down and make me cough if I’m in repose. I love that they are once again getting better on their own as they do every spring, but I still want to know what’s wrong before next winter so I’m persisting. I love that it is good to be able to breath deeply and taste and smell the wonder of spring. I love that my friend Cai used the word “petrichor” in her “Today I Love” post today and I am looking forward to experiencing that again here.

Today I love that this is another busy weekend, even though I could have used a rest. I love that there will be open mic this afternoon, that I have a busy day leading up to that, that my friend May has created a celebration of Chinese heritage that is on at our local Grey Roots Museum today, and that if I am still standing there is a show at the Harmony Centre called Harmonypalooza (I think) and that I am in it with up to a hundred of my close personal friends from Rock The Sound Choir.

Today I love when my hair is braided because damn, that makes it easy to look after and keeps it out of the way when I’m busy. I love that I will likely get it all shaved off in June this year as part of the big local shave-off fund raiser for cancer research. I love plans for moderate changes and the way I drag them out and make big things out of them. I love how I make big changes and do them quickly, like ripping the bandage off, and make quick, short, small things out of those.

Today I love coffee by the window with the view of the dainty spring snow.