snowflake decorations

My Wednesday café’s decor …

Today I love this beautiful world and how rich and delightful it looks when I am travelling through it. I love that the winter decorations are still hung up at my Wednesday café. I love the way the days are getting longer. I love the sun rising in the morning while I’m walking on the track at the rec centre. I love the beauty of the land as it is awakening. I love driving through it as the sun is climbing up onto its stage to play the day for us in its daily show of light and warmth. I love that today there will be a cooling down and the chance of snow again. I love that snow just won’t matter because Spring is in the wings and has already been announced and is waiting for her cue to take the stage with the sun and make the show even better. I love the smell of the earth thawing and and getting ready to push all its energy into the growth of plants and limbs and flowers and leaves. I love that this is the time of year when everything seems to be gathering strength for the explosive onset of Summer. I love the rolling calendar and its never ending newness.

Today I love exercise that makes my lungs feel good. I love workouts that make me feel my legs and arms, makes them ache in a good way, makes them feel how strong they could be, how strong they are. I love that I am not missing my huge house, where I used to walk indoors every day because it was that big. I love that the indoor track at the rec centre is huge and has helped me not miss walking in my house. I love that I can see so many things going on while I walk the track, the pool and the city swim team in training, all the machines and weight training centres and the people using them, and the eastern horizon and the northern one and the lobby downstairs as well. I love that I have joined the centre and am benefiting from it.

Today I love driving by meandering streams. I love seeing cattle out on the pastureland, exploring the outdoors after making use of the shelter of stables for the winter. I love the cardinal that sings to us every morning from the tree we see outside the nook window. I love playing Mahjong. I love open mics even when I don’t have the time to get to them, because they mean hearts are singing & playing, and souls are listening and people are communing with each other, and that is all good.

Today I love coffee in the winter wonderland of my Wednesday café.