bench in sunlight

The sweet Sunday sunlight …

Today I love the Sunday morning sun as it lights up the world on a brilliant winter’s day. I love the sunlight flickering through the trunks and branches of leafless hardwood tree stands. I love the stark shadows on the snow made bold by the brilliance of the sunny spaces. I love the warmth of sunlight through a window. I love the restful and energizing feel of just standing still in the light of an ever higher sun as winter wanes and spring prepares to wax. I love the way that light through branches dances on the floor and gives the room some life. I love the brightness and strength of these days as they march ever forward through their dates with spring to begin their romance with summer. I love this time of year as much as any time of year but I also love the feeling of anticipation that swells and fills my heart and my soul. I love waiting for the little things to start moving about and the first willows to turn gold in anticipation of their sporty looking leaves and the first brave, tiny blooms to push up through the leaf covering in the bush lot areas. I love being alive on the leading edge of another year’s commencement into growth and ripening.

Today I love nice drives up the peninsula to look at the water and the shoreline and see how the bay is coping with itself in its winter season. I love that the shore keeps icing up and then thawing out and then starting over again. I love the energy of the water as it continually throws itself in tantrum rage at the very wall of stones that it built itself. I love the bay, too, when it is in repose and gently lapping at that same edge with a quietly bubbling and burbling and babbling susurration. I love the way it seems to be alive, calling to me and at the same time telling me of the danger it poses to the unready or the unaware.

Today I love fresh food. I love buying donuts from the grocery store in the next town up the coast and that even when I buy six of them they never last more than a day and a half. I love gazebos. I love dreaming dreams of active leisure. I love my old recliner. I love finding little places to sit and contemplate in. I love seeing children doing children’s things like playing pretend and gathering pretty stones and laughing loudly as they run and play.

Today I love coffee in the sunny light of a sunny Sunday.