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Today I Love Syrian Food

Syrian food
Syrian food from our farmers’ market

Today I love Syrian food bought fresh from the Farmers’ Market from one of my country’s newer market vendors. I love that you never know what you might find at the market, and we always find good food there and Saturday morning’s breakfast and friends to talk to and new friends to be made. I love my Saturday mornings downtown in my little city. I love the gang at the cafĂ© and the folks on main street. I love the feel of Saturdays that I still experience, like you got up and didn’t have to go to school and you got to wear your favorite old jeans even if they did have a hole in them. I love that Saturdays can be planned or spontaneous, and that even if they are planned they can end up becoming spontaneous. I love talking about the future and making plans, knowing all along that the future will be made up partially of Saturdays, one seventh of the future in fact will be Saturdays and that seems like a good thing. I love that we managed to look through our local artists’ co-op today and of all the things we saw the pictures and paintings of flowers were the things that grabbed my attention the most, and I know this because they are what I remember most about being there.

Today I love dreaming of spring, even though today is very wintry and snowy and yesterday we even had white-out conditions. I love that we bought seeds today and that we plan on growing peas and other things when the ground warms and the season changes. I love that this will be the first time I’ve grown peas in over two decades. I love all the new adventures I’m having and I even love all the old adventures I’m having again. I love that this spring is going to be the next phase in the continuation of my new life since selling my house.

I love that open mic last night was fun and rife with variety. I love that I was hitting seventy-five percent of my shots at curling last night. I love that I have lots to learn yet about curling and I know this because when I missed my shots I didn’t miss them by a little bit, I missed big! I love that I’m not the only one who thinks the images of coffee cups on the ice at the brier are distracting and weird. I love that curling is one of the few sports I can enjoy both playing and watching.

Today I love coffee with Syrian food for lunch on a wintry March Saturday after the market.

Today I Love Syrian Food

Kelly Babcock

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