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Today I Love Sleeping And Dreaming

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Silver Tuesday

Today I love sleeping and dreaming, that I dreamt last night for the first time in a long time, and that I feel less achy than I have in weeks. I love the easy light outside the window and the silver grey of the sky, the fact that it is above freezing out and was all night I think. I love that there are green things coming up in the garden beds and that the lawn is also showing some green as promised. I love that there will soon be days warmer than this as the sun draws it’s course farther north across the sky each day. I love that there is more daylight than dark now. I love being home from my wandering, even though I love wandering. I love dropping back into a routine and knowing what needs doing because it is Tuesday. I love that there are things that are not regular Tuesday things that need doing to keep me even busier. I love that there are plans that require me to take care of some “one time” things. I love catching up when extra stuff needs doing. I love old grey wood. I love happy clutter. I love organized chaos.

Today I love planning for lunch and dinner. I love that I have a list I’m going to try to get through, and a faint hope of potential success. I love that I am okay with failure, so long as I tried. I love watching two year old children who have discovered how wonderful the world really is, because at two years old you can only see the really important things and everything else is just contrived and calculated to bring people down if they let it. I love that I am, as much as I can be, a free spirit, and that I am free to go where I will and do what I wish, within the constraints of not wanting to hurt anyone.

Today I love ginger beer. I love Enoki mushrooms because who wouldn’t want to be able to put a dozen mushrooms in their mouth in one mouthful? I love trying new things, and I love when I find that I like them, which happens a lot. I love the funny, almost barking sound that the dishwasher makes sometimes. I love the color blue because it is the one that I can imagine the most shades of if I think about it.

Today I love coffee in this silver-grey, post dream, Tuesday morning.

Today I Love Sleeping And Dreaming

Kelly Babcock

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