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Today I Love Second Breakfast

Waiting for my computer to be ready for me …

Today I love second breakfast after going to the rec centre and walking and swimming. I love that I am exercising without being obsessed about it, that if I miss a day or four in a row I’m okay, that I’m determined to not fail and that I’m doing that by not making it a “must do thing” every day. I love how good I feel when I’m exercising and how good I feel in general. I love how when my muscles ache I think, “ouch!” first and then think, “Oh yeah, I did all that. That’s why.” I love that I don’t cough much at all when I walk or when I swim, even though this damned cough still won’t let go and leave me alone. I love that I am okay with just continuing to take care of myself at a decent rate. I love that my swimming is getting stronger, even though I don’t swim very often. I love that today is the first time I’ve been in the pool in over three weeks, yet I’m still doing better, ’cause that tells me that I’m gaining fitness with my walking. I love that today in the pool I was able to relax more while I swim, since I’m usually flailing away trying to be a motorboat or some kind of fish or something.

Today I love that I am pondering the possibility of buying a new notebook computer again, since the time has come when this one seems to be tragically slow online and has amassed a large quantity of software that slows it down so much. I love that it still works stoically on and sees me through my work, but I am starting to do things like turn it on and then go make coffee to give it time to “warm up.” I love that I live in a world where the time it takes for my computer to be ready for me is actually an annoyance, since I do clearly remember a world where computers were not personal and were numbered in the hundreds, rather than the billions. I love how much my world has changed in ways I never could have imagined, even though it has also changed in ways I would have dreaded had I known.

Today I love funky garden sheds. I love that with a few shelves, any wall or corner or closet or even a bunkhouse could become a library. I love thinking about gardens and gardening, perhaps a bit more than I actually love gardening, but I still love gardening also. I love that the first day of spring is exactly one week from today.

Today I love coffee while I wait on my old computer …..

Today I Love Second Breakfast

Kelly Babcock

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