coffee, freezer

Adventures in freezer land …

Today I love pondering the past and stopping along that trail of memories at the places that give me pleasure. If you know how much I love that sort of thing, then you are probably one of my pleasing memories. I love contemplating the future and planning what I might do in it. I love, just as much, listing options and considering which ones might be the most enjoyable. I love contemplating the undeniable fact that life is for us to relish and savour, and that does not mean being selfish and hedonistic, it means being present and aware to the best of my ability. I love that I have to mentally give myself a slap a lot of the time and remind myself that I am drifting too deeply into my ego. I love that the idea of me being responsible for the direction of my own thoughts makes me laugh out loud sometimes, because they do seem to wander off, and yet they never seem to wander far and they always come back home by the end of the day. I love that good friends are often easily found and easily kept, yet they are worth more than gold. I love that good friends grow in value when they are shared with other good friends.

Today I love that there is talk of adventures in the freezer this weekend, taking everything out of it, doing inventory, cooking for the next two weeks and returning some of the food to the depths of that cold and chilly place to be saved for future meals when time is tight. I love that the next few weeks, ones that were supposed to be easy and slow now that some of the winter activities have ended, are actually busier than the entire winter was, but we will make it through. I love that the weekend is looming and that I have lots to do to fill in the end of this week and keep me off the streets and out of trouble.

Today I love that there will be yet another snowfall happening tonight, but that this one is definitely of the spring variety and not the winter type. I love that the sun shone for a brief moment this morning under the edge of the clouds and though I didn’t get to see it, I saw its light on the wall by the eastern window when the alarm went off.

Today I love coffee in my hand while I do a quick reconnaissance of the freezer’s frozen stepped terrain.