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Coffee at the satellite office

Today I love planning road trips to places I’ve never been even if they are surrounded by places I have been. I love hotels with wifi, even if I haven’t seen one without in a few years. I love that there will be a pool even though the likelihood of it getting used is slim to nil. I love that part of searching for a hotel involved checking out what restaurants were nearby in case there is time to go out for dinner. I love knowing that I can’t get lost because the world is round and I can’t fall off because of gravity so I’m likely to find my way home easily enough and I love my home, especially when I’m getting to come back to it from away. I love that I live my life for adventure now. I love that travel might well end up being a large part of my adventures now. I love that I am soon going to make a decision on a new vehicle. I love that it won’t be long before the motorcycle will be back out on the streets and finding its way to new destinations and that’s a kind of adventurous travel too. I love that there is opportunity for adventure at every turn.

Today I love that it is Wednesday and that means I’m at the satellite office typing away and editing and writing and posting things for all the publications and clients I’m currently working for. I love that my mind was toying with some words that are considered wrong but are actually right and I came up with “He was supposably the kind of guy who would ravel your sweater, irregardless of having your permission.” and it grates on my brain so much I just had to share it here. I love the way words change with time because there are things in the future that will need fresh names and descriptions and that’s difficult to do with a dead language so I love that our language is alive. I love that an editing job I thought I had turned out to be a bad reformat from a good document and I’m sure that will be corrected soon.

Today I love baklava even more than I did yesterday because today I have access to homemade baklava that was made in my home. I love fixing plumbing so that it is easier to maintain and update in the future. I love that there will soon be three new faucets in the bathrooms. I love looking wild and ragged when I forget to brush my hair and end up out on the street that way, ’cause then I look like I’m a bit of a thug, but I’m not.

Today I love coffee at my desk in the satellite office.