A fresh blanket of snow …

Today I love opportunities that find me and then shake me so I don’t miss out on them. I love chances to do better. I love when I can do something new and exciting, especially if it helps move my life forward and even better if it helps others, and best if it both moves my life forward and helps others as well. I love making efforts to make things better. I love doing the things I do best for the right reasons. I love being active in my physical community or my online community. I love being active at things that I enjoy and do well. I love that I keep moving. I love that I keep learning. I love that I am always looking for ways to use what I do and what I learn to make things better if I can. I love when my community is happy. I love when things look like they are breaking down and falling apart, but then they reassemble into something just as good or even better. I love the many ways that seems to happen and that I have seen it so often and it still surprises me how good it can turn out.

Today I love that winter has returned to finish the job it started, looking like it should be able to deliver us to spring in fine and frosty style and even bringing on another sheet of snow to carpet my world with to cover the mud and the dirty ice crystal ridges at the sides of the roads. I love that the mourning doves are cooing and calling in the early mornings, I love that the cardinal is still practicing his whistles and clicks each day, I love that the gulls are wheeling and gliding and talking plaintively about the coming season and all the things they’ll see and do this year.

Today I love the chiming of that old clock on the wall that has been with me for twenty years now. I love the little things that remind me that I belong here in this place, in this time, in this world. I love my friends who keep me in their thoughts when we are unable to meet and interact. I love hearing that my friends are moving on, making progress, charting courses over life’s untried waters and bravely making way on those courses. I love that adventure is everywhere, even if it’s just trying something on a menu that you’ve always thought you’d never try.

Today I love coffee in the shelter of the living room while the mourning dove sits outside on the fence, surveying the fresh blanket of snow and calling mournfully to its mate.