travel mug, coffee maker

Making coffee to goooooo ….

Today I love more weekend adventures. I love that the weekend starts in a few hours and is tightly choreographed to include a multitude of things from sporting events to a birthday party and even a campfire jam though there will be no actual campfire. I love all the jokes about banjos and bagpipes even though I love banjos and bagpipes. I love that I know of a team of mature athletes who are going to compete this weekend against some very competent competition and they will be returning home with no fanfare for their accomplishments, though I may try to change that for them. I love that I awoke last night to the sound of rain and in that groggy state it took me a little bit to figure out what was happening. I love the sound of rain on the roof. I love that it took me less time to drift off back to sleep than it did to figure out the sound. I love that it is undeniably springtime and that, even if we get more snow, we are still done with winter. I love that soon Spring will be dressing in her floral robes and letting her blossoms perfume the air as she passes by with that quiet, slight, “come with me,” beguiling smile she lures us all with.

Today I love my old computer that keeps humming along, even though it’s getting slow with the increase in internet content and clutter. I love that I am making plans to consolidate all my photos in one place soon and then back them up so they are in at least two places. I love that there will soon be more sunny days than dark ones. I love that I am pondering the motorcycles springtime resurrection in the next two or three weeks. I love the idea of roaming around on it and finding places to visit this summer that I’ve never been to or that I’ve not been to in a while.

Today I love that there is so much to do before the end of this day that I will have no time to get bored. I love grocery shopping, weird, I know, but I really do. I love banana bread, and fortunately for me I make really good banana bread. I love that my ego is huge in some ways and my super ego doesn’t flinch when it knows my ego is right. I love that my id just wants banana bread and doesn’t care at all about the two egos opinions of the situation.

Today I love coffee on the fly with much adventure ahead.