At a friendly café

Today I love late March and early spring. I love that at home there was no snow but ten miles east there was snow everywhere, that’s what springtime is, a transition time, a period of uncertainty with the certainty belonging to those who know that summertime is on its way. I love omelette sandwiches for breakfast on the road. I love getting up early and going to the rec centre to walk. I love that soon I’ll be able to go walking outside as well. I love that after doing curls with free weights while walking, my arms feel like they are floating. I love that my phone cannot figure out how far I’m walking because the GPS fails miserably indoors and it plots these elaborate courses of supposed travel around the rec centre in funny directions and guesstimates the distance travelled but never gets it right. I love that I’ve been taking my phone out on the track and now it suddenly thinks I’m amazing because it had no idea before this that I walked so much so now it’s giving me awards for record breaking step counts. I love that my phone is as weird as I am, and that I have an protective box for it so this one should last. I hate that it is always trying to get me to give different apps permission to access different things and sends me to different settings pages that don’t have those options on them, but I love that it is as confused as I am about how it’s supposed to be working.

Today I love that I’m going to an open mic tonight, and I will play if there’s space for me to play. I love that this will be my “open mic fix” for the week, ’cause I’m going to miss my own open mic on Friday. I love how how things get busier when they are supposed to be less busy. I love that I am still reading that book I don’t like because I’m sure that speaks to my strength of character.

Today I love sun through clouds. I love cheerful people in cozy cafés. I love that it is Wednesday and the week is well started and I have lots to do. I love keeping busy. I love the plans that I’ve been making lately and how I keep realizing different subtle nuances to them that need extra attention. I love that the ball is finally rolling on the new vehicle plan, even though it isn’t so much rolling as it is being loaded onto the ramp in preparation to being let go.

Today I love coffee in friendly cafés.