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Today I Love Having A Day At Home

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Today I love having a day at home to regroup, recharge, and clean up the mess I left behind in the kitchen when I left for the day yesterday. I love that yesterday began at 5:15AM with breakfast and a trip to the gym and then second breakfast and a trip out of town. I love that the trip out of town didn’t end until eleven last night. I love that it ended up at an open mic venue where I knew more people than I thought I would and that we sat with friends who make going out lots of fun.  I love that I was fully prepared to play a couple of songs, even brought a guitar with me, but it got too late and I was yawning and still had to drive home. I love that the genial host has told me that I’ll be first up the next time I go there, which may be next week. I love that there are more friends who may meet us there as well. I love finding new places to reach out into as part of my community and ways new ways to reach out also.

Today I love that a friend of mine tells me and the rest of the world that if you have more than one child in diapers at one time you get to play a new game called: “who pooped” and in contemplating that I’ve concluded that it sounds like a great game to play, though it seems there are no winners, and yet it also seems that there are no losers and that everyone gets to play again. I love that the Facebook brings me some of the most wonderful and random things ever. I love that there are examples of gullible people who will march under the banners of the most ludicrous “causes” with the most trumped up “proofs” shoring up their paper houses, because those people are passionate, though often angered by the things that they have been spoon fed. I love that they can be that passionate, because the world has some real problems and those problems will need those passionate people to get behind there remediation, all we have to do is figure out how to explain things to them.

Today I love this wondrous sunny morning with the cardinals and robins singing at the same time, the cardinals with their opera of whistles and clicks and the robins with their sing-song commentary on how the day is going. I love tiny rubber boots that look really serious and fit really tiny feet. I love my new spring/fall shoe/boots and how they feel like I’m just wearing shoes but they’re really boot like and rugged.

Today I love coffee in the sun with a cardinal singing its aria and a robin chirping its response.

Today I Love Having A Day At Home

Kelly Babcock

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