… the watchful eye of the daytime moon …

Today I love early morning activities like getting up to go walking at 6AM. I love that I walked for 40 minutes, though I didn’t do the weighted arm curls today. I love that I am breathing better these days and feeling more strength in my breathing as well. I love that I am reading a huge book that isn’t very good but that it isn’t bad enough for me to not read it. I love that I will probably be screaming at the editor and the writer before I’m done. I love that I will be upset with them both because the book seems to be something that could have been great. I love that I am not going to tell anyone what it is called and everyone who hears me say these things will wonder if they’ve read it already or if it is a book they will read someday. I love that I am going to force myself to read it for a half hour a day until it is done. I love that there is a part of me that sometimes wonders if some books shouldn’t maybe be burned, though there is a huge chunk of me that thinks that all books should be preserved like they are made of gold.

Today I love that it is sunny and somewhat warm out and yet the weather is calling for spring snow here. I love that we are contemplating what to plant still and haven’t made any decisions yet. I love that we are forced to ponder this question carefully because of the small amount of garden space we have. I love that we are also looking at ornamental garden beds that have plants in them already and considering planting food plants among the flowers. I love that growing food reminds me of my mother and my childhood. I love how wonderful things taste when I grow them myself.

Today I love Lima beans. I love deep blue skies that fade to gold where the sun is hanging. I love the moon in the daytime sky.  I love the constant barrage of robin song that is now assailing the neighbourhood. I love accepting that this day is the first full day of the beginning of another wonderful spring. I love honey on toast. I love looking for the good in things. I love finding it almost every time.

Today I love coffee outside under the watchful eye of the daytime moon.