coffee cup in messy kitchen

Sunny, happy, messy …

Today I love determined strength and feeling like I cannot fail, if all I really want is to do is become better and not worry about becoming flawless. I love that on a deeper level, just trying to be a better person is a fulfilling and satisfying exercise in self betterment, because it is an improvement over doing nothing other than wishing for better in my life. I love that looking forward will always reveal beautiful potential while looking back will only show what has been and cannot ever not be. I love when double negatives are meaningful. Ha. I love that even when I’m contemplating deep stuff I can still find humor and I can still laugh at myself and life. I love that I get to play with all the words and all the phrases on a daily basis. I love that I get to edit other people’s work and that I get to write my own and that doing each one of those things helps me do the other one better. I love finding errors in work and saying to myself, “Aha, I know exactly how that happened because I do that all the time too.” I love that so many writers understand that my job isn’t to tear their work apart, but to build it up even stronger than it was when they wrote it.

Today I love the brilliant morning sun that is reflecting off the patches of snow and ice and shining in through the morning windows on the east side of the house and lighting up this day like a stage on which the day’s performance will take place. I love that my messy kitchen looks happy and friendly when it is bathed in serious sunlight. I love that I have so much to do today and that cleaning the kitchen up for the weekend is on the list but might not get done until the weekend is actually started … like maybe tomorrow? I love that I don’t care, and yet, I care enough that I am still trying to figure out how to run errands and clean my kitchen at the same time. We’ll see if that works, ha ha.

Today I love all the dried fruit in the porridge. I love that tonight is curling. I love that today is open mic day. I love that today we’re going to tackle the confusing directory structure where the images are stored for the local online magazine I work for. I love that I’m getting closer … again, 😉 to submitting my passport application and this time I hope to do it, because last time the photos expired and I lost the application forms and I just gave up. I love that my arms and legs ache in such a good way from my exercising them, and that I intend to continue with that and with yoga.

Today I love coffee in the morning sunlight in the messy kitchen. It’s what’s for breakfast.