wet deck

A damp spring Monday morn …

Today I love damp dark spring days and the way they can sometimes match your mood so you don’t feel so lonely. I love that it is fifty degrees (ten degrees Celsius) out already and it’s just past eight in the morning. I love that the robins have been calling to each other since shortly after five. I love that I heard killdeers yesterday afternoon as they patrolled an empty field they thought would make a great nesting site and encouraged us and other potential intruders to look elsewhere and not at the spot they had chosen. I love how killdeers take turns sitting on their nest, and how they try to lure you away from it if you get too close. I love their camouflaged eggs that look just like the ground, how absolutely perfect. I love the outdoors and all that it has to offer, and I especially love it at this time of year when so many amazing things are happening or getting ready to happen out there. I love that buds are swelling, that flowers will soon be blooming everywhere, that in a short time the morning will be a madhouse of bird calls as young ones call for food and older ones call for support and consolation.

Today I love home and the way it feels so much more home like after having been away for a couple of days. Trips and adventures are worth the trouble just for themselves, but coming home is always an added bonus. I love that home is where I can usually feel safe and comfortable, that it is meant to be a refuge, that it is supposed to be where you can always find comfort and solace, and I love that my new home is becoming that. I love the road, but I don’t think I would love it anywhere near as much as I do if it didn’t lead home.

Today I love sushi. I love comforters that are warm but light. I love clean clothes fresh from the dryer. I love hearing old music that I recognize. I love dreaming of green lawns. I love books that travel on road trips because I might get a moment to read, even if I didn’t get a moment to read. I love well made wooden furniture. I love soft light through curtained windows. I love chocolate bars.

Today I love coffee at home, looking out on a damp spring Monday morning.