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Today I Love Busy Thursdays

baklava, coffee
Mmmm, baklava

Today I love busy Thursdays and their Thursday-ish intensity and verve. I love that I have an overwhelmingly large list of things to do because I love having lots of opportunities to succeed. I love that one of the things on my list is to replace three faucets and three drains so it’s actually six chances to check stuff off. I love that there’s all the other things on the list as well, ’cause that means I’ll be good and ready for a night out. I love that part of my to do list today is to shop for children’s rain boots, ’cause who knew how many amazing different boots there were available. I love that I’m going to talk to my car guy today about starting to look for my next vehicle and that, although I am passionately adamant that I will never drive a minivan again, I kind of want a minivan again. Wow those things are versatile. I love not having to deal with salespeople to buy a car, I love just going to my mechanic and telling him what I want and having him just go get it for me, certify it and give me a fair price. I love that I have yet to be given a reason not to trust my mechanic in over twenty years of dealings.

Today I love how some of the most popular musicians end up playing here in my little city in some of the most cozy and intimate settings, and that’s what tonight is going to be like ’cause Danny Michel is on his way to my city and he’s playing Heartwood Concert Hall tonight and I’ve got tickets. I love all of his music and the way a lot of it says the things that I feel about life. I love that he sings “Right here, right now, today, these are the good old days.” and I wish I had written that, because in two years someone will be thinking that these days now were the good old days.

I love sunny mornings that promise to be bright days. I love baklava syrup on my porridge. I love that I can talk through yoga and not miss a move, though I’m pretty sure I’m pretty annoying when I talk through yoga. I love that there is lots of baklava left because I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to control myself and figured it would be all gone by today. I love that the sun is making me squint while I write and that I know that will become annoying in a few weeks or maybe even days, but for right now it is so very welcome.

Today I love coffee with breakfast baklava.

Today I Love Busy Thursdays

Kelly Babcock

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