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Today I Love Big Hero Six

… at the championships.
  1. Today I love Big Hero Six, and a lot of other movies I’d just been ignoring or dismissing because I’d sort of sworn off movies and TV. I love that I’ve been watching old movies and new ones and taking turns suggesting movies and watching ones that are being screened in my home. I love that I am just doing what comes along again and that I am taking what comes my way and savouring it. I love that I am on the road today and having yet another adventure of attending something I wouldn’t have thought to attend before. I love that I apparently am an anomaly in that I enjoy watching a sport that most others seem uninterested in. I love that I may be biased in this.  I love that I can find fun anywhere these days. I love being adventurous. I love that I am getting excited about getting a new vehicle. I love finding new works to edit, and I love finding ones that speak to me. I love the ADHD E-book I just finished working on a couple of days ago because it is so well written and really does have great insight into that disorder. I love that as soon as it is available I will share the link here and on my other blog. I love working with words.

Today I love this overcast day and that there is rain in my forecast and that those are both things I love when I’m on the road. I love the road when it is raining. I love getting to be a part of something big, even if I only get to watch. I love finding out things I never knew about people that I’ve known for a long time. I love how some people are so determined to be unhappy with things and believe that they are being tenacious and persistent in their righteous opinions, because that’s just entertaining, although in a sad way. I love when people see a new way of thinking about something that makes it more palatable for them.

Today I love vanilla yogurt. I love the smell of chlorine, even though it makes me feel ill when I swim too long in it. I love omelette sandwiches. I love the sound of rain on windows. I love that my battery is running down and that I will have to post soon and then I get to pay attention to the competition.

Today I love coffee on the observation deck at the 2017 Ontario Masters championships.

Today I Love Big Hero Six

Kelly Babcock

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