T&T grocery store

Adventures in grocery shopping …

Today I love adventures in food, like last night’s hot pot dinner and today’s T&T shopping expedition. I love trying new things, even if I don’t like the things I try, which doesn’t happen very often. I love trying things a second time when people around me insist that they are delicious after finding out what they love about the thing I’m giving a second chance to. I love all the wonderful things I saw today. I love that things that are strange to me are commonplace to others and things that are commonplace to me may be strange to them. I love that there were so many things to try, different samples at the end of every aisle, and what I tried was great. I love that there are new things to try on their way to our kitchen. I love that this weekend has been a mish-mash of different adventures from swim meet to second birthday party to dining “new to me” experiences and “exotic to me” grocery shopping.I love that I am making opportunities and taking opportunities for adventure again. I love being calmly aware of my desire for action and enthusiasm and taking advantage of that in a quietly excited way. I love that I am marinating in the seasonings of chance and am contemplating, on a daily basis, those chances that still await me.

Today I love my old guitars and the fact that I have one now that I’m not afraid to travel with. I love that I have little attachment to it other than it is good and I paid a reasonable price for it. I love that it is rugged and road worthy and at the same time is admired by people who see it. I love that it sounds as good in a hotel room as it does in the living room or at an open mic. I love that I’m planning on taking it to a show in May and trying it out on stage to see how people like it there. I love that guitars can have so much character and yet, even though this one has character and I’d miss it if it were stolen or damaged, I wouldn’t miss it as much, because I think it thinks of itself as a soldier, ready to do what it takes for the cause.

Today I love Sunday morning breakfast out. I love jam that isn’t that good because it reminds me that some jam is absolutely fantastic. I love being up and about when the day is dull and dreary. I love that it will soon be greening up outside. I love that I am way south of my usual stomping grounds and the reports are that it is warmer at home than it is here.

Today I love grocery shopping after coffee. I love having a full charge of coffee on board after yesterdays deprivation headache which just reminded me of one of the reasons I love coffee.