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Today I Love Rainy Fridays

front yard
The lawn shrugging off its covers

Today I love rainy Fridays and the sweet smell of the earth unlocking its frozen secrets even though it is way too early for it to be doing that. I love the quiet, comforting sound of the rain and the runoff from roofs and downpipes. I love the dark and brooding light of a wet and rainy day, love the way it makes the fireplace more comforting. I love how cozy it feels to be indoors and looking out of a window streaming with rain and making the world look like an impressionist’s most treasured work. I love the way the world seems clean and fresh in the rain, like a child at bath time, laughing and happy because everything is right and safe and good. I love the memories that the rain invokes, like sitting on upturned buckets in the tractor shed doorway watching warm summer rain pound down in a torrent and talking with my mother for twenty minutes while chores were on forced hold ’til the rain let up enough to get to the house or the barn. I love the rain.

Today I love that it is Friday and that means open mic and curling again. I love that I now have some of the same gear for my band that I use for open mic and that, because of that I’m learning more about the set up and use of it. I love that they are really sturdy and durable pieces of equipment. I love that I have my own gear that I can use for gigs now instead of begging, borrowing and renting stuff. I love that the gear I got is so versatile, that it can be used for a small band or even just as a public address system with the ability to be used for announcements & muzak. I love that experimentation will certainly be taking place now.

Today I love how the snow just seems to have disappeared, like it was hauled away or something, leaving nothing but the snowbanks and they are so tiny. I love all the lawns and bare spaces even though I was hoping to try cross country skiing this year. I love that I’ve already done some new things, real curling instead of just throwing rocks being one of the best ones so far. I love escalators, even though I know they can be dangerous. I love how stick on bandages can make bruises feel better for children.

Today I love coffee with a view of the front yard slowly shaking off the snowy cloak that had it buried. It may stay out, or it may be looking for a new white blanket to curl up under for the balance of winter and a bit of spring.

Today I Love Rainy Fridays

Kelly Babcock

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