coffee and coat

Coffee, and my coat, mmcoffee

Today I love my warm coat and the way it seems to be just right no matter what the temperature is. I love that it and my hat are a good combination, I love that the hood of my coat will actually fit over my hat and that my coat has more pockets than I can remember. I love that it seems to be too big and bulky to drive the car in and yet once I’m in the car it isn’t at all. I love being able to go out in the snow and ice and cold and not feel cold at all. I love that it is my second black parka and that I’ve had black parkas for years and now all of a sudden black parkas are all the rage and I’m so in style, even though I couldn’t possibly care less about being in style. I love that that just makes me laugh. I love that sometimes I really want to be in style, but only if it’s a style that is only being adopted by some people. I love that I’m contemplating getting a pair of curling pants like the ones Team Norway wears.

Today I love that I walked more than three kilometers yesterday and around seven today. I love that when I’m walking I don’t cough as much. I love that every time I go walking or swimming I last longer without coughing afterwards. I love that I’m practising therapeutic phone calling, I’ve called my doctor’s office to try to get an appointment and I’m waiting for a call back. I love that as soon as I call them and the wheels start turning, I usually start feeling better and will likely be fine by the time I get to see the doctor or the nurse practitioner. I love that I won’t let feeling ill stop me from going and being and doing.

Today I love banana bread with walnuts, butter tart bars with raisins and walnuts, butter because it’s so good and bacon because … bacon! I love scrambling to get things ready to go when we’re on our way out the door and there’s a bunch of things going on. I love that I can find enjoyment in doing anything that I decide to try. I love that I have often said there are things I won’t do and I’ve come to realize that refusing to do something without trying it is not really fair to me so I’ve quit saying I won’t do things.

Today I love coffee in the cold winter weather. Brrrr, but I’ve got my coat.