sunny, snow covered day

The day putting on its best …

Today I love all the sun that is shining out there and making this world sparkle. It is no replacement for a friend taken from us too soon, but there are sun dogs already and the sky is such a blue and the snow is so white where it is untouched, that it is like the world has dressed in its best for the memorial service we’re going to have. I love these bright days just a few weeks before Spring arrives when Winter is practicing its best behavior so as to make her feel welcome. I love that the morning is so cold, yet winter has scheduled in some practice of good behavior and is planning a climb up out of the deep freeze to temperatures that are above freezing for this afternoon. I love that tomorrow is supposed to be downright balmy with a high in the mid forties or better (that’s 7 for the Celsius crowd). I love these days of transition.

Today I love that there is a road trip in the plans to say goodbye to my friend Jake. I love that so many people will gather there, that we will all try to make one more effort to understand a little bit more of the unfathomable depths of his mind and his heart. I love that there will be stories going through people’s minds of their experiences with Jacob. I love how we all feel right about gathering to say goodbye and that, in a small but real way, Jake taught us how to feel right about things that seemed like they should or could be wrong. I love that there will always be a bit of Jake’s outlook in mine from now on. Just as everything and everyone we encounter adds to our own character, so did he and since he was often quietly bigger than he seemed, so too is the amount of influence he had on most if not all of us.

Today I love the open road. I love the perfect day. I love the quiet way that Jake told me about a feather he cared for. I love that there are songs of Jake’s playing in my head. I love that it is Friday. I love that today’s open mic will be for Jake. I love that my life is my music. I love eating a wonderful breakfast before I write each day. I love homemade poppy-seed loaf. I love this old and sometimes slightly lonely world.

Today I love coffee in the morning sun.