coffee and pie

Coffee and pie …

Today I love that it is done, the papers are signed, everything is out, and I have sold my house and moved. I love that I had amazing help from amazing friends including Andrée, Dylan, Lauren, Ann, Patti, Wanda, Nikki and others too numerous to mention. I love that the thrift stores took everything I’ve brought them so far, though I did not love that the receiving guy this morning closed the table top on my two smallest fingers this morning and that they throbbed all day, but he did take the desk I brought to him, so I sort of figure we’re even. I love that I can’t remember how many times I drove away from my old house today with a load of stuff for this destination or that. I love that that is all over with. I love that I get to start on a new adventure now. I love that I am both happy and sad at the same time. I love that I have all the memories and that they are what make me both happy and sad at the same time.

Today I love that tomorrow I will be leaving town for the day and that is a thing I really am looking forward to. I love that I have plans to do a few new things in the near and somewhat distant future. I love that I am looking forward. I love that there is adventure in the air. I love that on Thursday I will start sorting through stuff that I didn’t have time to sort through while packing to move. I love that I am going to just sit back and give my future a good, long, careful think before I do anything like buy another property or invest in anything else. I love that life is good and I am going to take it easy for a week or two.

Today I love that I had coffee with Dylan and Lauren today and they are two of the best friends anyone could have. I love that they are thrilled with wooden boxes and I love even more that I had a couple to give them. I love that everything I had to move fit into the garage … almost. I love that sometimes I just have to laugh at myself.

Today I love coffee by the fire with good friends and pie.