sunny street

Beautiful sunny morning

Today I love sunny mornings and sunrise over mountains. I love the beauty of the area I live in where we have water and ski hills and escarpment and plains of pasture and swamps and bogs and fens and scrub and gulches and lakes and rivers and waterfalls and bush lots and forest. I love that I can walk ten minutes from almost anywhere in my county and see as much as half of these things at any given moment of any given day. I love my home and the part of the world that surrounds it. I love that it would be considered exotic by people who came here to see it from so many other places in this world. I love that I get to live in an exotic place, even though people who live here, and love it, sometimes don’t see how exotic it really can be.

Today I love that some of the kids in my area still have not been back to school since before Christmas last year. I love that this is the time of year when students get to hope for snow days and celebrate unscheduled holidays. I love that I experienced TV bingeing on the weekend and have decided it is too exhausting for me. I love that I know I can do it if the need arises again. I love that I can still say that I am able to recognize the potential for addiction in myself, and that apparently TV is one of my potential addictions, ’cause that means I can keep them at bay. I love that I can keep an eye on these things, ’cause it keeps me in touch with myself.

Today I love unpacking boxes and finding things that I’d forgotten about because I didn’t pack many of the boxes that I moved. I love finding things that bring me great memories and I love realizing I can let those things go and just keep the memories and I’ll be alright. I love that some of the things I’m unpacking have obvious places they could go. I love that the same thing happened with furniture when it had to be moved, though some of the furniture is now in storage waiting to go where it needs to go. I love that everything is coming together, though it is moving slowly. I love that that’s alright also.

Today I love coffee on a beautiful sunny winter morning in this beautiful county I live in.