coffee, fire, hut booties

coffee on a stormy day

Today I love seeing the future, though I know I can’t actually tell what will happen, so I love seeing the future I’m hoping for. I love that there are plans for various potential options and situations. I love contingencies. I love that I’m pretty sure I know my new address, at least until, you know, someone asks for it. Then it automatically gets a bit hazy again. I love all the shades of blue and green that can still be seen even with all the white that there is. I love walking in familiar places and also in new ones. I love the mix of new and old homes in my new neighborhood. I love daring myself to do new things, and I love returning to old habits that served me well in the past. I love that I have a lot to do today, and a bit of it includes going out in the storm to take care of a couple of things. I love that even going out on errands can be an adventure.

Today I love wearing contact lenses, because, holy cow, is it ever amazing to see the night sky without glasses in my way, is it ever brilliant to see so much more of my field of vision clearly, is it ever wonderful to wear them when I’m driving, is it ever so convenient to not have my glasses fog up when I come in from the cold, and is it ever great not having to clean my glasses. I love the freedom. My only complaint is having to put them in when I’m just barely awake and having to take them out when I’m sleepy and ready for bed. Ha. I can’t even complain about that, it just makes me laugh.

Today I love that all the school buses are cancelled so that means they and their riders are all safe. I love that when I was a kid school cancellations were something we dreamed of that, if we were lucky, happened once or twice in a year. I love that kids these days get to experience that more often, but I love that it was more of a novelty for us so it may have been more exciting and thrilling to get a “free” day off from school. I love that my memories always seem to be of only the best things from my youth and childhood. Though I know there was parts that were far from idyllic, I have the great good fortune to be able to recall the best of my life and leave much of the sadness buried.

Today I love coffee once again in front of the fireplace here on memory lane, which is not my new address.