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Today I Love New Year’s Day

Gong hei fat choi

Today I love New Year’s day. Gong hei fat choi. I love the celebrations, though I would dearly love to to experience them in a place where Chinese New Year is a really big deal. I love cultural celebrations that people are willing to share with their community and as celebrations go, Chinese New Year is pretty huge. I love all the bright colors, the shiny decorations, the different aspects of a culture so different from my own yet so inviting and welcoming. I love learning and exploring. I love that I have friends for whom this celebration is important and I love sharing this celebration with them.

Today I love Saturdays and the farmers’ market and breakfast and shopping. I love excursions to the museum to take in the Chinese New Year activities there. I love the fun of seeing my friend, May Ip, sharing her culture with the people of this community who want to know more about this world and its various intricacies. I love reservations for dinner with friends and acquaintances, I have no reservations about going to things like that, and so I love that we actually have reservations for tonight. I love that that last sentence was way more fun for me to write than it probably should have been, and that I suspect that it is that way because I refuse to grow up. I love that the child in me is convinced that growing up would be the end of my love of Saturdays.

Today I love candied ginger. I love fortune cookies. I love that I have taken Cantonese lessons in the last few months and that I am no closer to being able to communicate in Cantonese than I was before, but that I know so much more about the language and the culture than I did. I love that I now know enough to know I will never know enough, but that applies to everything. I love learning, love discovering, and Chinese culture is such a vast topic with such a long and storied history that one could never reach the end and know it all. I love that humanity carries so much knowledge forward but that it is stored in so many places, so many minds and so many books, that the only way for it to be a single body of knowledge is if we consider humanity to be a single entity. I love that if we could only consider humanity to be a single entity, then we would be obliged to admit that any harm done to any one person, regardless of their origins or status, is a harm done to the entity of humanity and thus a harm to oneself.

Today I love coffee on this auspicious day of celebrations. Happy year of the rooster. 愉快的农历新年. 愉快的年的雄鸡.

Today I Love New Year’s Day

Kelly Babcock

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