The leading edge of the day

Today I love taking Monday off. Well, I’m not really taking it off, it just feels like that because of all the work that is behind me. I love that, though I have to write and though I still have buckets of sorting and dispersing of things to do, and though I still have to look after everyday things like laundry and cleaning and the like, without the moving deadline, today seems more like a holiday than the past holidays seemed. I love that I have learned to love all the things I do in a day. I love that I have learned not to let the bad parts of my day color the rest of the day, or the week or the month or year.

Today I love this week of returning to normal, and in some ways starting the new normal. I love that I am starting out on new adventures and returning to old ones. I love that I’m going to get back into walking again. I love that I’m doing a little bit of Yoga every day thanks to two great people in my life. I love that I am still contemplating eye surgery but now I have so much more info to work with. I love that I’m hopefully soon going to be back to writing, and that is my incentive to get through all the stuff that is in storage right now. I love finding inspiration in my crazy wandering thoughts and I love remembering that I had some wild thought for a plot or story and thinking, “I gotta remember to write those things down!” Ha ha.

Today I love being up before the sun. I love stories about deduction. I love binge watching television shows when it’s cold outside. I love skating though I need new laces at the very least. I love snow on bare stands of trees that look like frozen fountains. I love sunsets in winter that make the sky look rich and worth the coldness of the season. I love adventurous meals when no one is quite sure how they’ll end up. I love how I can be facing the inside of a room with my back to all the windows and suddenly know, without looking, that the daylight is gone, that the day is done and we successfully navigated our way through it without mayhem or mishap. I love successful days.

Today I love coffee in the early morning hours while watching daylight tear open the eastern edge of my world and seep into the day.